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Chronic Cough

Cough/throat clearing is considered chronic if it persists for more than eight weeks. The nerves that supply the larynx and respiratory tract can be irritated by specific stimuli such as talking, shouting, strong smells, changes in temperature, dust, certain foods, or it may occur randomly throughout the day. It is often accompanied by a preemptive tickle in the throat and is typically dry.


The following or combination of the following can contribute to a chronic cough:

  • reflux

  • post nasal drip

  • reduced hydration

  • asthma

  • blood pressure medication


EILO/ILO (exercise induced laryngeal obstruction/inducible laryngeal obstruction) refers to shortness of breath or a feeling of tightening in the throat often accompanied by wheezing. The vocal folds will close when we want them to stay open. This can be triggered by exercise, strong smells, stress, certain foods, temperature changes, or environmental irritants such as dust or smoke. EILO/ILO may also be referred to as PVFM (paradoxical vocal fold movement) or VCD (vocal cord dysfunction). While it is often confused with asthma, the source of air restriction is the throat (more specifically the vocal folds) rather than the lungs, and unlike asthma it is not improved by the use of an inhaler.


Symptoms may include:

  • stridor on inhalation

  • feeling of throat closing

  • throat or chest tightness

  • difficulty getting air in

  • periods of shortness of breath


Therapy for breathing disorders may involve managing sources of irritation to the throat, and learning specific breathing strategies to keep the throat open. 


Did you know?

People who suffer from chronic cough or EILO often

have hyper-reactive or hyper-sensitive airways.  

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