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Swallowing Disorders

Swallowing is something that seems so simple but it can be a complicated process.


People who have swallowing difficulties, or dysphagia, may complain of the following:

  • food sticking in their mouth or throat

  • choking or coughing with liquids or food

  • pain with swallowing

  • drooling

  • regurgitation

  • unexplained weight loss

  • difficulty controlling food in their mouth

  • difficulty starting a swallow

  • too many swallows needed to clear the food

  • food or liquid coming out the nose


Swallowing difficulties may result from some medical conditions, head and neck cancer treatment, illnesses, or surgery.  

A swallowing assessment in our office includes obtaining a detailed history, assessment of the oral musculature, eating and swallowing various food and liquid textures, review of results and recommendations.  We have a variety of foods in the clinic; however, if there are foods that are particularly difficult for you, we might ask that you bring those at the time of the assessment.  If a more objective assessment is recommended by the Speech-Language Pathologist, we will facilitate this referral via one of your physicians.  


Swallowing therapy may involve a combination of strengthening exercises, compensatory strategies, and diet modifications to help achieve the safest swallow possible.

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